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The masher-upper.

Tiger In The Deep (Mashup) (5-6-2014)
Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor) vs Rolling In The Deep (Adele)


Waiting for Toxic Rehab (Mashup) (7-19-2012)
Toxic (Britney Spears) vs What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani) vs Rehab (Amy Winehouse)


Santeria’s Octopus Basket (Mashup) (4-24-2012)
Santeria (Sublime) vs Octopus’s Garden (Beatles) vs Basket Case (Green Day)


Sweet Jesus Lobster (Mashup) (2-11-2012)
Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) vs Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) vs Rock Lobster (B-52’s)